How many sessions should I receive?

Rolfers typ­i­cal­ly work in a series of ses­sions. The num­ber of ses­sions depends in part on your goals as a client. I usu­al­ly rec­om­mend see­ing how you feel after one ses­sion if you’re unsure about set­ting up mul­ti­ple ses­sions.

The clas­sic series is the “Ten Series”, as devel­oped by Dr. Rolf. With each ses­sion build­ing on the one before, the Ten Series address­es the entire struc­ture of the body sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly, allow­ing for any amount of vari­a­tion to work with each par­tic­u­lar client’s needs. There are nat­ur­al stop­ping places with­in this series (after the first, third, and sev­enth ses­sions) for those clients who are unsure about com­mit­ting to all ten.

Work­ing with­in the frame­work of a Ten Series enables the Rolfer not only to address local prob­lem areas, but to get at all the deep-seat­ed com­pen­sa­tions and inter­re­lat­ed issues that oth­er­wise might con­tin­ue to dis­rupt the body. And it pro­vides the time nec­es­sary to allow for a deep and last­ing rein­te­gra­tion of the whole body.

There are oth­er options besides the Ten: A short­er series or a sin­gle ses­sion can be tai­lored to a client’s spe­cif­ic needs. While not as com­pre­hen­sive as a series of ten, short­er series can still be of great benefit—and may some­times be more appro­pri­ate.