Work With Me

Sessions With Me

Planning and What to Expect

When you come in for a first session, I'll spend some time with you learning about your goals, medical history, needs, and questions.

Sessions typically begin and end with a few minutes of visual assessment, where you’ll sit, stand, walk around the room, or do other basic movements. This can form a baseline for both of us to notice changes. It can also be a way to help you discover new patterns right in the midst of movement.

Most clients wear minimal clothing (such as running shorts or underwear and, for women, tank top or bra) that they are comfortable being seen in, since it allows for easier assessment and better contact. Some people prefer to be more covered, and that’s fine too: I can work through clothing fairly easily (though tight-fitting exercise fabrics are less than ideal).

Sessions are an hour. I leave time between clients and on occasion, if the work calls for it, we may go a few minutes longer. You may wish to plan accordingly.

If you have a condition for which touch is contraindicated, please let me know and consult with your doctor. My work can range from strong pressure to very gentle, and can be very effective anywhere in that range.

Scheduling Sessions

Sessions can be spaced a few days to a few weeks apart. We look for a balance between continuing progress and allowing the body and brain to settle into the changes in each session.

Structural Integration sessions have traditionally been organized in a series of 10 sessions ("The Ten Series", or "The Recipe"), and three to five followups ("The Advanced Series"). In my practice, I treat this series as one available option. It's fully adaptable to each person, and a powerful way to address interrelating themes in the body to build comprehensive change.

Payment and Insurance

Sessions are $200. I do not offer package discounts.

I offer a limited number of discounted sessions per week for those that otherwise could not afford my work. Please contact me to discuss your situation if that applies to you.

HSA's and FSA's

Many clients use their HSA or FSA to pay for sessions. Please contact your provider and verify that Rolfing, Structural Integration, and/or massage therapy are approved for spending from your account.

If you will need a detailed receipt for documenting your HSA or FSA spending, please notify me in advance of your session.


If your insurance covers your sessions, you’ll pay for the session yourself, and have your insurance reimburse you. I can provide you with receipts to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you plan on using insurance to cover the costs of your sessions, please call your insurance, verify your coverage, and let me know in advance your needs.

Check with your insurance company whether they cover Rolfing, Structural Integration, craniosacral work, or massage therapy. Insurance that covers massage therapy also covers my work, since I am licensed as a massage therapist. Clients who are recovering after an automobile accident usually find that their auto insurance covers massage therapy. However, it is generally rare that health insurance plans will cover this work.

If you are planning on having your sessions reimbursed by your insurance, be sure to check whether a doctor’s prescription will be required.

Cancellation Policy

Please be mindful that I have a limited number of appointments available by making cancellations and rescheduling with at least 24 hours notice. If you have an illness or emergency, contact me so a decision can be made about rescheduling your appointment.

You are responsible for 50% of my regular session fee for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance. You will not be charged if I am able to fill the slot with another appointment. If you miss your appointment without contacting prior, you are responsible for the full session fee.