Pasadena, CA
Paul Wirth • 213.378.3623

About Me

I am grateful to have found my life's vocation, a profession that provides me with a way to continuously learn, practice, and help people enjoy their lives and their bodies.

I grew up with an affinities for the natural world and the arts, especially music. These affinities influence the way I work now. I regard the immense complexity of the human body with curiosity and respect.

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A serious ankle injury at age 19 had caused a cascade of compensations in my body that caused chronic pain and tension, and distorted my posture. A series of Structural Integration sessions brought me to a point where the damaged ankle joint no longer dominated my movement and posture. I could walk without the strain that had been exhausting me, and with a quality of balance and an ease that I hadn’t known before. I was attracted to the way the work felt like both a science and an art: a hands-on craft that gave me deep, precise shifts toward a new way of moving in the world and experiencing myself.

I completed my initial training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® (DIRI, formerly the Rolf Insitute of Structural Integration) in 2003.

I received my Advanced certification in Tokyo from the DIRI and the Japanese Rolfing Association in 2016.

Visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy have been ongoing areas of interest an exploration for me, and have deeply affected my wonder and appreciation for how we are grown, not built.

I've practiced Tai Chi Chuan since 2013. I'm indebted in particular to Grandmaster William C. C. Chen for his passionate and brilliant teaching, which continues to have an enormous influence on how I understand the body, how I perceive motion and posture, and how I work with people.