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May 30: Free Intro Tai Chi Class!

New 10-week series begins June 6. Scroll down or click here for details.


I teach Tai Chi Chuan and mentor bodywork practitioners.

Tai Chi Chuan

I've been practicing Tai Chi Chuan (also known as Tai Chi, Taijiquan, T’ai Chi Ch’uan) since 2013, primarily with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, a student of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing.

Paul with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen

Tai Chi Chuan has been a martial art since its inception centuries ago in China. That means that, whether or not you're interested in its self-defense uses, it's profoundly practical. Tai Chi Chuan trains the body and mind for minimum extraneous effort, and maximum calm, alertness, alignment, efficiency, and springy strength.

It's profoundly restorative and instructive as a practice, conditioning and integrating all of the systems of the body, the breath, attention, and feeling. I’ve fallen in love with it and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.

I've found that the sensitivity to bodies and the movement teaching that I do in my sessions also influences how I teach Tai Chi Chuan to students.

Tai Chi Chuan Short Form Part 1

May 30: Free Intro Tai Chi Class!

New 10-week series begins June 6.

Paul practicing Tai Chi Chuan

This 10-week class will introduce you to the movements of a Yang-style Short Form. Each week, we'll add new movements, giving you a growing practice to explore at home.

If you're interested in Tai Chi and how I teach, please come to the free intro class on May 30!

Class Details

Location: Highland Park Yoga (Be sure to check their parking suggestions)

Free Intro Class: Thursday May 30, 6-7pm

10-week Class Series: Thursdays beginning June 6, 6-7pm (skipping July 4)

  • Schedule classes: $25 each
  • Package of all ten classes: $225 — Note: If you purchase a package, be sure to also schedule your classes and use your package code at checkout
  • Drop-ins are welcome for the first two classes.
  • If you decide after the first class that you'd like to pay ahead for the rest of the cycle, I'll pro-rate the ten-class package for you.

What To Expect

Each week, we'll add new movements from the Short Form, giving you a growing practice to explore at home and apply to any and all of the movements you make in your ordinary life.

Along the way, you'll discover the natural resilience, elasticity, balance, and expressive energetic qualities inherent in your body and mind as cultivated by Tai Chi principles.

It's important to me that what you learn is practical and meaningful to you in your everyday life. We'll look approach Tai Chi from that perspective and, for those that are interested, from a martial arts perspective as well.

To get the most out of this class, it's recommended that you start with the first class and continue through the end. Catching up is possible, but committing to the weekly practice will make your learning process much more worth the investment of your time and attention.


Contact me. I'll be happy to talk or email with you.

Future Classes

I'll be offering Part 2 of the Short Form later this year.

In the fall, I'll begin offering advanced classes for those who've completed the Short Form, or who already have experience with a similar Yang-style form.

Stay tuned for upcoming classes:

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If you're a student or practitioner bodywork interested in mentoring, contact me.