Announcement Regarding Coronavirus:

I hope each of you is well and safe amid the sudden uncertainty. May those who are vulnerable among us receive protection and timely treatment.

I’ve made the decision to stop seeing clients for now, because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We don’t know enough to be sure there are any precautions that will absolutely ensure safety, and I don’t want to risk being a vector for spreading the coronavirus to my clients. I’ll reevaluate as we all learn more in the coming days and weeks. Once we see how the first spike in sick people develops, and once testing is widely available, I hope it will be safe to resume with extra precautions.

I’m more than happy to be a resource for you in the meantime if I can, as far as strategies and cues for posture, movement, and coping. I love what I do, and I will be missing sharing it, so feel free to reach out any time!

Let’s all take care, and whenever we can touch in with a sense of peace and courage, let's share it with those who need it.


Bodywork for Lasting Change

I’m pas­sion­ate about help­ing peo­ple change. I use man­u­al and somat­ic edu­ca­tion to relieve pain and help peo­ple feel taller, stronger, and more aligned and alive.

My pri­ma­ry train­ing is in Rolf­ing® Struc­tur­al Inte­gra­tion, a dis­ci­pline of body­work that address­es myofas­cial and oth­er struc­tur­al caus­es of pain, strain, and mis­align­ment in the body.

My prac­tice also includes cran­iosacral work, vis­cer­al manip­u­la­tion, and pos­ture and move­ment train­ing, which help me address more dimen­sions of func­tion and dys­func­tion in a per­son­’s body and move­ment.

If you’re curi­ous about my work and would like to find out how I can help you, con­tact me, or read on.

Neck/cranial work